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Learn how to set your organisation apart by building solid knowledge, understanding and insight into the full 5G landscape. Plus, we will equip you with the information to immediately develop viable business strategies to maximize the 5G Enterprise opportunity.

Who can do our  5G courses?

In one word? Anyone.

Regardless of whether you are simply wanting to keep up with the buzz, or if you are a CIO, Engineer or Programmer looking for an advanced understanding of the changes and improvements in capacity, transmission, service quality that 5G has to offer – we have a course for everyone! And, the in-depth knowledge shared by experienced teachers will ensure that you get up to speed, quickly!

Ready to join the super-charged world of 5G?

Those who are the fastest to embrace this next-generation connectivity will be set to gain a massive advantage over their competitors. Will you be an early adopter, or will you be left behind?


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5G Core Network Architecture
5G Core Network Architecture
5G Core Network Architecture 3 days This course presents the 5G System (5GS) as defined by 3GPP, focusing on the functionalities of the 5G core (5GC) network. Virtual Classroom Training € 2410* Classroom...
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