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5G Radio Planning
How new is the 5G New Radio?
How new is 5G New Radio? What is the major improvement the 5G NR will bring?
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From 1G to 5G – A 40-Year Journey
You’ve noticed the fifth generation mobile networking, 5G, is all the rage, right? But how many generations...
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Why is there no Tracking Area Update procedure in 5G?
Find out why there is no Tracking Area Update procedure in 5G...
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Meet us at the Big 5G Event in Denver May 6-8th, 2019
Watch our invitation for the event in Denver below!
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5 ways to increase company efficiency using IT training
5G and Industry 4.0
Why is 5G the key to Industry 4.0? What has IoT got to do with this?
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What do the many 5G options mean?
Ever wondered about the different paths - or options - for migration from 4G to 5G in a smooth and economical...
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MANO telco: Are We There Yet?
MANO, Management And Orchestration
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The Rapid End of 5G
Surprise for many, but long expected by some: in a recent announcement 3GPP declared that the standardisation...
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Telecoms Transformation Strategies
What Does the Word “Reachability” Really Mean in 5G?
Reachability in 5G obvious? Is reachability in 5G becoming much more of an issue in the IoT environment?...
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Diameter in 3GPP Networks
The Need for Speed in Virtual Networks
Read how the speed is increased in Virtual Networks in this article about Network Function Virtualization...
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3GPP Mobile System Overview
Will 2019 Be the Record-Breaking Year for GSM Courses?
GSM Courses in 2019 - Will this Year be Record-Breaking? How relevant is learning about 2G, 3G, 4G and...
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Apis Saves the World
How Green is Apis Training? How do we contribute to a greener world?
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Edge Computing
Where did the NEF in 5G come from?
Today we talk about SCEF and NEF in 5G. What do they have in common? Where did the 5G NEF come from exactly?...
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What is Internet of Animals?
Internet of Things is something you have heard before, but what is Internet of Animals?
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VMs and Containers in NFV
Let’s face it – the NFV Infrastructure is built on hypervisors and virtual machines although the it/telco...
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